Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yes, I'm actually devoting a post entirely to food.

I love food.  And once upon a time, I fancied myself a decent cook.  Then, I married a wonderful man who is also a wonderful cook and I kind of let him take over the cooking duties while he looks for a job (ok, it wasn't so much "let him" as it was "pouted at him until I convinced him to cook cause I didn't feel like it when I got home from work," but he IS a really good cook).  Anyway, lately I keep getting the urge to cook.  I entirely blame the websites www.delish.com and www.smittenkitchen.com.  ESPECIALLY the latter.  The thing is, they're making me want to cook healthy meals instead of the crap I usually like to eat.  I'll flip through them having delusions of grandeur in the kitchen where I'm this awesome chef who can cook wonderful tasting healthy meals and fantastic deserts!  Can't forget the deserts! The cupcakes, the pies, the cookies....wait, where am I?

These should give a pretty good idea of where I'm coming from:

Oh yeah, did I mention in addition to a husband who can cook, I also have friends who are amazing at cooking.  Especially at tiramasu, now that I'm on a desert kick in my head.  (Yes, I'm referring to you Dani, you should mail me some Danimasu ASAP.)  So, after I find all these amazing recipes and have visions of myself in a chef's hat making amazing food....I turn around and look at my kitchen.  Which is a hallway.  A hallway that contains an oven, a sink, a refrigerator and barely enough counter space for a coffee maker and a microwave.  Really, we have to keep moving the garbage can because wherever we put it it blocks SOMETHING.  (Can you tell the kitchen is my least favorite part of our apartment?)  So, I guess all this is to ask...does ANYONE have ANY idea how to cook fabulous meals in a very confined space?  Cause as soon as I have the space and the means to buy fantastic ingredients it is SO on! :)

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  1. Okay, question number one: Do you have a cabinet under the sink? If so, I suggest investing in a smaller garbage can and throwing your trash there. You'll have to take it out a whole lot more, possibly daily, but it'll save space. So there's that.

    Maybe that was the only question, actually. I kind of lucked out and ended up in an apartment with a pretty decent kitchen, though I have to note that my counter isn't huge. The space limitations aren't really that big of a concern though. Dani's one of the best chefs that I know, and she doesn't have acres of counter space. I think it's more about making it a process. You may have to do everything a step at a time, moving stuff from the counter to the sink, staging the foodstuffs on top of the fridge while you clean the counter, moving it back to the counter, and then engaging in the next step.

    Then again, I am no gourmet chef. But I do make good crepes.