Monday, April 14, 2014

I dub thee, the winter that will never end.

It's April 14th and snowing.  I'm starting to resent Wisconsin for taking away my love of snow.  I used to ADORE snow, and just fall/winter in general.  Cozy sweaters, pretty snowfalls and hot chocolate.  Then came -45 below zero, months worth of it snowing at least once a week causing my 40 minutes one way commute to turn into closer to an hour FREAKING SNOW IN MID APRIL.  So really, maybe it's not Wisconsin so much as it is having to deal with winter weather as an adult.

In any case, we have had breaks from the weather here and there which has made the fact that the major project I've been on at work that has had me pulling all kinds of hours is essentially finished!  Well not finished so much as passed our major milestone.  It's a deadline we've been working towards for essentially two years so it feels good.  Last weekend was, in fact, the first weekend in six weeks where I did not have to work in any capacity.  It was pretty nice.  The previous weekend though was even better.

Nathan had a very rare weekend off, so while I did have to work from home for a few hours on Saturday, Sunday we made one of our trips to Milwaukee.  Our normal m.o. while up there is to head straight for a very awesome comic shop Lost World of Wonders.  However, we accidentally got there an hour before they opened which gave us a chance to explore the shop next door which is fast becoming one of my favorite stores to visit up there:  American Science and Surplus.  A very large store full of fun little science stuff.  Lab glass, chemistry kits, grow-your-own venus fly traps, telescopes, even random instrument parts.  They have old VCR and 8 track players.  Basically, it doesn't matter how many times I've been in there, I still have fun going.

Yes, that is a Tesla coil on the shelf.  This place is that cool.
I have purchased from there a 50 mL beaker to use as a shot glass.  I like to think I take my mixology seriously.

All in all, that day was GREAT for helping me hit the reset button from all the work stress.  After wandering through the store we made it back over to the comic shop then eventually made our way back home.  Next time, I hope to get to downtown Milwaukee know...when it's finally warm enough to walk around outside without freezing...

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